About MAM: Expert Civil Engineering & Construction Services

Established in 2004, MAM Contracting has promptly gained a reputation as one of the leading civil engineering companies in Scotland. 

Our team consists of professionals who are experts in their field and fully trained in their profession. We also provide continual in-house training to our employees to ensure they are always equipped with the latest best practices.  

In addition to our credentials and training, MAM is a proud member of CITB Construction Skills that guarantees our employees can carry out work efficiently, to a high standard, and most importantly, safely. 

As a provider of comprehensive and high-quality construction services, we have become a renowned UK contractor for two main reasons: our dedication to excellence and our commitment to providing the highest standard of work. 

IOS-9001 quality assurance certificates for construction company in Scotland

Our construction services 

We take pride in delivering top-tier construction services across a spectrum of disciplines. With a reputation built on professionalism, expertise, and a commitment to excellence, we stand as a beacon of quality in Scotland's construction landscape. 

Our comprehensive range of services include:  

  • Our bridge construction work helps to bring visions to life, seamlessly blending form and function to connect communities and landscapes. 
  • Whether it is preparing sites for construction, installing utilities, or shaping the terrain for optimal functionality, our groundworks construction expertise ensures a solid base for future structures. 
  • We also provide expert new build groundworks, which help lay the groundwork for residential developments to support the dreams of homeowners and developers alike. 
  • Through advanced drainage solutions, we safeguard properties and landscapes against water-related risks, ensuring longevity and peace of mind. 
  • With a proven record of accomplishment in controlled demolition, we dismantle structures with surgical precision, clearing the path for new beginnings. 
  • Our hydroelectric service blends cutting-edge technology with sustainable practices, driving Scotland towards a greener, more energy-efficient future. 
  • Our forestry construction and mounding service exemplify the delicate balance of environmental responsibility and resource utilisation. 
  • Through expert piping and cable services we ensure that these essential networks function flawlessly to power communities and connect lives. 

professional contracting construction work in Scotland

Our restoration work in Scotland 

At MAM, we are committed to preserving and restoring Scotland's natural landscapes for future generations to enjoy.  

Our restoration work currently focusses on revitalising Scotland’s wetlands and peatlands, crucial ecosystems that play a vital role in our environment. 

  • Wetlands restoration: Through careful planning and execution, we work to enhance Scotland’s wetland ecosystems to promote biodiversity and ecological balance. 
  • Peatlands restoration: Our restoration efforts focus on repairing damaged peatlands, improving water quality, and promoting the growth of native vegetation to restore these ecosystems to their natural state. 

wetlands restoration work viewed from above

Small scale landscaping services 

As well as large-scale construction work, our team is also adept at smaller landscaping jobs for domestic customers. Allow us to transform your property into a haven of beauty and functionality with our range of small-scale landscaping services.  

We understand that every detail matters, whether you are enhancing your driveway or creating a serene pond oasis. Our expert team is here to bring your vision to life, one project at a time. 

Our landscaping services cover the following areas: 

the MAM contracting team

Why Choose MAM Contracting? 

Choosing us means partnering with a company backed by decades of experience, unwavering expertise, and a proven track record of excellence.  

With a diverse portfolio of past projects spanning bridge construction, groundworks, drainage solutions, and restoration work, we have established ourselves as leaders in the construction industry in Scotland.  

Our commitment to professionalism, attention to detail, and customer satisfaction sets us apart, earning us the trust and loyalty of clients across sectors and post codes. 

Whether you are embarking on a small-scale landscaping project or a large-scale infrastructure development, we are your trusted partner for success.  

Get in touch with us today to discuss your project needs or explore our range of services in more detail. Let us turn your vision into reality – with MAM Contracting, the possibilities are endless. 

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