Professional Recycling & Demolition Contractor

As part of our wide range of construction services, M.A.M Contracting provide a top-notch demolition service that ensures any type of site is properly and efficiently cleared and ready for its next intended use. 


Safe & Effective Demolition Contractors 

Safety is always at the heart of everything we do at M.A.M, so our clients can rest assured that all proper safety protocols will be followed during any type of demolition work. 

As one of the top demolition companies in Scotland, our expert team can confidently deal with clearances and strip outs of residential, commercial and industrial buildings throughout Scotland. We have experience in demolition projects of all manners, types and sizes, producing spectacular results time and time again.  

Our demolition service also includes clearances and site preparation, making M.A.M the smartest, all-in-one choice for any type of demolition work in Scotland. 

demolition machinery for any construction job

Demolition Contractors With the Machinery for Any Job 

Offering a demolition service is one thing, but having the right team and proper equipment to carry the work out properly is another thing entirely.  

The M.A.M team are highly experienced in all aspects of construction, from piping to forestry work. We boast a wide range of first-class equipment, with a Plant selection ready and available for any type of demolition job.  

We can handle everything from small single-storey buildings to multi-storey tower blocks. With almost 20 years in the construction industry, no job is too small or too big for the M.A.M Construction team. 

Take advantage of our first-class demolition work by getting in contact with us today.  

Laying the Groundwork of Success 

M.A.M will always take the proper measures to fully prepare the site before any demolition work is carried out.  

Far too often we see demolition companies rushing to get the site clear and the building demolished. However, we believe that a slower approach is conducive to heightened safety and better-quality results.  

M.A.M treats the preparation stage of any demolition job with the care and respect it deserves.  

We provide a level of safety that is unrivalled by other demolition contractors in Scotland and understand the importance of proper preparation for a successful construction job. Clients can rest assured that any demolition services carried out by M.A.M will be done to the highest professional standard and in accordance with all safety laws and regulations.  


Full Recycling and Clean-Up Service 

As part of our comprehensive demolition service, M.A.M offers a full clean-up and recycling service to ensure the client’s site is primed and ready for the next stage of the project. For us, the job is never finished until the site is properly cleared and safe for the next person who sets foot through the gate.  

As qualified excavation contractors, we know how to handle the clean-up quickly, efficiently and respectfully. Our team always takes proper care with our waste disposal, recycling as many materials as possible and disposing of any non-recyclable materials in the correct, most sustainable manner.  

We provide the right labour and machinery to do the full clean-up job for you, giving our clients one less thing to worry about when organising demolition work in Scotland.  

If you are looking for a reliable, all-in-one demolition and recycling service in Scotland, then give M.A.M a call today on 01764 654703 


M.A.M Demolition Services

Our comprehensive demolition services include:

  • Temporary Support  
  • Internal Strip-out 
  • Roof Removal  
  • Mechanical Demolition & Dismantling  
  • Manuel Demolition & Dismantling  
  • Concrete Crushing  
  • Recycling & Salvage  
  • Clean-up & excavation  
  • Land disposal  

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