Stone Walls

As a well-established team in the stone wall industry, our experience working across sectors gives us the experience and knowledge to ensure we can meet any brief, and design requirements and tailor our services to best fit you and your budget.

No matter the need, MAM Contracting provides a complete range of commercial and domestic building services, which includes start-to-finish stone wall construction, as well as a range of other small services.

Give us call to discuss any project you have.


MAM Contracting - Stone Wall Construction 2  Stone Walls on a new structure   

Traditional Materials In The Hands Of Experts


Stone has been used as a building material for a very long time. A tried and tested material that can be used for perimeters, exterior walls or interior features. It is versatile, and when used correctly, an incredible solution for any project. 

Used in a range of ways, traditional buildings often have solid stone walls of over 18 inches thick, while newer builds may use stone-faced cavity walls, which used the material almost like an outer shell.

As with many areas of construction, the use of stone has evolved and developed over time and MAM now uses the most cutting-edge technology and building methods to maximise the advantages of using the material for any project.

MAM Contracting - Circular Stone Wall Construction  MAM Contracting - Circular Stone Wall Construction 2

Maintenance, Repairs and New Builds


Stone is a very durable material; however, it can still erode, become damaged or need some love and attention. If you're unsure about the condition an existing wall may be in, get in touch. We can advise on the best solutions for your requirements and budget.

We can also work with you from the initial stages, helping to finalise everything from design to construction. Ensuring longevity, the highest standard of build and fully bespoke services, call our stone wall specialists today to discuss your project. 


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