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Natural stone walling makes an impactful statement wherever it is placed. Classic, timeless and full of character, natural stone walls are a sought-after feature within garden landscaping and are a perfect fit for older properties, stylish garden features, Victorian houses, and rural, countryside areas.  

The team at M.A.M contacting is well-established within the industry, having worked on many different types of stone wall projects over the years for commercial, residential and community projects.

Our professional stone wall builder service includes start-to-finish stone wall construction, stone walling upgrades and improvements, general stone wall maintenance and bespoke landscaping advice on the design and installation of new stone walls.  

Be it for a small garden wall or to upgrade a deteriorating stone wall within the local community, our expert landscaping team is well-equipped and prepared for the job.  

Give us a call today on 01764 654703 and take advantage of our highly-professional stone walling service, available in towns and cities across the UK.  


Stone Wall Construction  Stone Walling on a new structure   

Attractive & Sturdy Natural Stone Walls  

Stone has been used as a building material for centuries. It is a tried and tested material that can be used for perimeters, exterior walls or interior features. Natural stone walling is versatile, and when used correctly, an incredible solution for any project.  

Some of the main advantages of using stone for walls are: 

  • Able to better withstand harsh weather conditions 
  • Incredibly durable 
  • An attractive and classic look 
  • More resistant to breaking and chipping than other walling materials  
  • Requires very little maintenance 
  • Long-lasting  

Stone walling blocks are used in a range of ways, with more traditional buildings often having solid stone walls over 18 inches thick. New builds also utilise the versatile and durable material that is stone by using stone-faced cavity walls, which use the material almost like an outer shell. 

As with many areas of construction, the use of stone has evolved and developed over time. As a forward-thinking construction and contracting company, MAM now uses the most cutting-edge technology and building methods to maximise the advantages of using stone for walls. This allows us to offer an unrivalled stone walling service for all types of landscaping projects, big or small.  


Circular Stone Garden Wall Construction  Circular Garden stone wall build

Traditional Garden Stone Walling  

A garden should be a special place for any property. It is a place for rest, relaxation and refuge. An area where friends and family can sit back in privacy and enjoy one another's company.  

And what better way to improve the look, feel and privacy of your garden than with natural stone walling?  

Whether you want a new stone wall built around the parameter of your garden or you are looking for a traditional stone wall feature within your garden, MAM’s highly-reliable stone walling service is here to make your landscaping dream a reality.  

By using natural stones such as sandstone, we can construct a traditional stone garden wall that is irregular in colour, pattern and finish, giving a unique and authentic look to your outdoor area.  

If you’re looking to add a personal touch to your outdoor space and design a garden that reflects your style and personality, a traditional stone wall from the landscaping experts at MAM is the perfect choice for you.  


Stone Garden Wall  Long garden stone wall

Stone Walling Maintenance, Repairs and New Builds

Stone is a very durable material; however, it can still erode and become damaged over time. To keep your existing stone wall looking and feeling its best, it’s important to give it the love and attention it deserves.  

This is where our expert maintenance service comes in, designed to refurbish and improve the look of worn or tired-looking stone walls and repair any significant damage that has occurred over time.  

We can also work with you to construct a brand-new stone wall in the style, design and scope that you require. Our stone wall builder team can handle everything from design to construction, ensuring longevity and the highest standard of build for your new commercial or domestic natural stone wall.  

To have your current stone wall assessed or to enquire about a new stone wall for your property or outdoor space, please get in touch with our stone wall specialists today.  

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