Pond Installation

Tired of the boring old cement slabs that dominate your outdoor space? Sick of the sight of monoblock in your back garden? Why not brighten up your outdoor area by installing a pond instead! 

Even a small pond or simple water features can add something magical to your garden and give you that tranquil escape that you’ve been dreaming of.  

Treat yourself and create a lush, outdoor area where you can relax and unwind after a hard day's work. A place where you can enjoy a moment of solitude every morning as you listen to the soothing sound of running water.  

Pond installations are quick, easy and affordable and can be made to fit your exact requirements! Get in touch with our team today to discover the pond of your dreams.  

Pond Installers Near You

A pond can be a fantastic addition to any outdoor space. They have the ability to transform your garden into a tranquil haven where you can unwind by watching the calming ripples of the water. Take a breath while observing some of the local wildlife right there in your back garden. A pond truly takes your outdoor space to the next level.

At MAM Contracting, we install all types of ponds and water features for any establishment, both commercial and domestic. We’re experienced in building larger ponds for public spaces as well as smaller projects for offices or commercial buildings. Whatever your requirements, we’ll deliver beautiful results.

What Are The Benefits Of Installing A Pond At Home?

  • They look fantastic

Simply put, a pond can become the sparkling heart of your garden. Acting as a focal point of the space, it’s an excellent foundation for other attractive elements to shine, such as flowers, plants and pebbles.

  • They’re a hub for local wildlife.

From frogs to birds to insects, a pond acts as a thriving centre for garden wildlife. Providing creatures with homes, food, and drinking and bathing spots, you never know what might visit.

  • They optimise your outdoor space.

Make use of your space by building something unique and attractive that’s good for the environment. 

  • They’re relaxing.

Particularly if you install a water feature, the visual and sound of running water is proven to be incredibly therapeutic. 

  • They increase the value of your home.

Ponds are highly desirable on the property market. If you’re thinking about selling now or in the future, it’s easy to charm your prospective buyers with a pond or water feature.

What Are The Benefits Of Installing A Pond In A Workspace?

Beyond them looking stunning, adding a pond to your workspace can actually improve worker wellbeing and increase productivity. Not to mention that you’ll impress your clients and guests - giving an impression of elegance and sophistication.

Pond Installation For Public Spaces

Ponds are important to local communities. They often act as hubs for people to meet, relax next to and feed the ducks. They also serve as major educational features for local schools and hobbyists. 

The MAM Contracting team is proud to have years of experience creating these important social spaces. 

What Kind Of Pond Is Right For Me?

As experienced pond and water feature installers, we have a wide range of aesthetic options that are sure to suit your style. 

If you’re looking for a natural and wild look, in-ground garden ponds are a great option. Sometimes known as sunken ponds, the pond water sits at ground level. This allows the feature to blend in with the rest of the garden, and various other elements of the design (like pebbles, rock, pond plants and wood) help the pond slot into the rest of the environment seamlessly. These ponds are especially great for encouraging wildlife.

Or, for a more modern and stylised look, you might choose a raised pond. We offer a number of materials to create the raised sides of the pond, such as timber, metal or stone. Depending on the design, the sides of the pond could be used as a seating area.

We can incorporate water features into your pond, such as fountains, or build multiple features in your space to create a water garden. No project is too big or too small for MAM Contracting.

If you’re not sure exactly what you want or need something entirely bespoke, we can do that. Our garden designers will talk you through the options until we create something that perfectly reflects your style.

Friendly Customer Service

At MAM Contracting, we work to your requirements. We don’t believe in a one size fits all approach - we know that you and your space are unique, and we’ll always treat you as such. Our talented team is highly skilled and experts in their field, with fantastic attention to detail and a hard-working work ethic. We do a professional and thorough job every time.

If you choose us, our friendly experts are always there to answer any questions and advise you on the direction of your project. Please get in touch today for more information.

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