Forestry Work

Specialist Forestry Contractors and Forest Management UK

Whether you need a path cleared, a road built, or a bridge constructed, we’re the team for the job.

With our years of experience in the construction industry and our track record of providing excellent forestry contracting to clients across the country, MAM has everything it takes to complete any project quickly, cost-effectively and to the highest possible standard.


forestry services and forest management work happening at night

What We Offer

We offer a full range of forestry services, including:

  • Clearfell and thinning
  • Excavation
  • Fleet transformation
  • Tree surgery and tree planting
  • Conservation work

In today's changing climate, we have a responsibility to conduct our forestry management services ethically and with conservation in mind. Our forestry team has a great deal of experience, knowledge and all the right tools to complete your project with skill and conscience.


forestry management work ongoing with MAM's special digger and tools

Bespoke Services and Advice

As a leading UK contracting business, our in-house team has the training, dedication and previous experience to meet any specification set by a client. Providing a start-to-finish job, we use our specialist machinery and plant to complete all aspects of a project, from timber sales and extraction to maintenance and construction.

If you're a landowner, our team will deliver bespoke advice on the best way to fund the management of your forest, from bodies such as councils, the Forestry Commission, local conservation groups and any other organisation you might find helpful.

Whether you're a woodlands owner in North Wales or a council member in the highlands of Scotland, get in touch to discuss how we can help you with any forest needs you have.

Our Forestry Services

Clearfell and thinning

The safe and efficient clearing of paths, large areas and specified zones are always completed to your specification using our state of the art machinery.


Using our fleet of excavators and dump trailers, as well as our specialist skills with constructing access roads and transportation, we are available for any excavation projects on request.

Fleet transportation

To make movement more manageable and to have the ability to reach jobs quickly and easily, we can arrange fleet transportation on low-loaders when they are needed.

Bridge construction

We are specialists in the construction of footbridges and car bridges in forestry areas with experience navigating difficult terrain such as steep and uneven ground. 

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