Wetland Restoration Services

Scotland’s wetlands are a treasure trove of biodiversity, providing a unique ecosystem that supports a vast array of species. The importance of restoring and preserving these natural habitats cannot be overstated.  

At MAM Contracting, we offer professional wetland restoration services aimed at reviving the natural glory of Scotland’s wetlands, aligning with the environmental goals of the Scottish Government, landowners, and environmental agencies.  

If you are searching for a reliable forestry contractor with expertise in wetland restoration, look no further than the experienced team here at MAM.  

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Scotland wetland restoration

Our expertise in wetland restoration

Since our establishment in 2004, MAM Contracting has swiftly gained a reputation for delivering high-quality services across the construction industry in Scotland.

Our journey into wetland restoration is driven by a blend of construction expertise and a deep-rooted commitment to environmental conservation. Over the years, we have successfully executed numerous conservation projects, earning us a name as one of the top forestry construction contractors in Scotland.

Our team of experts is fully trained and continually updated with the latest best practices to ensure we deliver reliable, high-quality wetland restoration services to those who need it. Let us work together to restore Scotland’s wetlands and ensure the rich biodiversity of our land.  


The restoration process

Planning and Permitting: Our process begins with meticulous planning to identify strategies that minimise construction impacts on wetlands.  

We develop project-specific mitigation plans and assist with wetland permit applications and water quality certification applications, ensuring all regulatory requirements are met.

Design and implementation: Next is the design phase, which involves a thorough analysis of wetland functions and values, site selection, and water budget planning.  

We then move to implement practical, cost-effective restoration and mitigation solutions, which include construction, plantings, and invasive species control, all aimed at restoring the wetland to its natural state.

Monitoring and maintenance: Post-restoration, we engage in mitigation monitoring to ensure the success of the restoration project.  

Our maintenance services are designed to preserve the restored wetland's ecological functions, ensuring a lasting positive impact on the environment.


Wetland restoration services  

Our range of wetland restoration services includes:

  • Regulatory Consulting
  • Site Assessments
  • Mapping Services
  • Habitat Quality Evaluations
  • Vegetation Surveys
  • Mitigation Planning & Design
  • Planting Plans
  • Invasive Species Control
  • Construction of Living Shorelines.

We also provide comprehensive turnkey solutions from planning to monitoring, ensuring a seamless service delivery every time.  

If you require expert assistance with any or all of the above wetland restoration services, give our team a call today and we’ll be happy to discuss your needs in more detail.  

professional wetland restoration

Our wetland vision: Enhance, restore, maintain

At MAM Contracting, we believe in the importance of maintaining, enhancing, and restoring wetland habitats for a sustainable water cycle.  

We adhere to strict regulations, aggressive schedules, and narrow budgets while ensuring our projects are practical, economically viable, and sustainable. Our dedication and the highest standard of work have made us a trusted partner in restoring and preserving Scotland’s natural wetlands.  

We can readily work with governmental bodies, conservation agencies and private landowners, to get the specific wetlands restored to their natural and best state.  


Professional wetland restoration services in Scotland

Our commitment to restoring and preserving Scotland’s wetland habitats is unwavering. Our full team is dedicated to providing the tools and expertise necessary to get your project underway in a safe and effective manner, contributing to the restoration and preservation of Scotland’s rich biodiversity.

Leave an online enquiry via our contact form below and we will discuss how we can assist you in your wetland restoration project. Together, we can restore Scotland’s natural landscape safely and effectively.

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