Forestry Contractors: Mounding Services

In the realm of forestry and estate work, mounding plays a pivotal role in ensuring the ground is well-prepared for successful vegetation growth.  

Scotland, with its diverse terrain, often requires specialised mounding services to tackle the unique challenges posed by its soil and landscape.  

At MAM Contracting, we offer professional forestry mounding services tailored to meet the distinct needs of Scotland’s landscapes. If you are in need of a reliable and proven mounding service, get in touch with our team today and we will be happy to discuss your project in more detail.  


Our expertise in mounding & forestry

Thanks to our unwavering dedication and the highest standard of work we deliver, MAM have now become known as a trusted and expert construction company in Scotland.  

Our journey into forestry mounding is a testament to our versatile expertise and our commitment to environmental conservation. Over the years, we have successfully executed numerous mounding projects across Scotland and the UK, earning us a reputation for reliability and excellence in the delivery of professional forestry work.  


Benefits of mounding

Mounding is a proven technique that significantly promotes seedling establishment and growth. By creating an elevated microsite, mounding enhances soil drainage and temperature, providing a conducive environment for seedlings to thrive.  

Moreover, mounding contributes to effective ground preparation, which is crucial for the long-term health and sustainability of the forest.  

The benefits extend beyond just vegetation growth; it plays a part in soil erosion control, water management, and enhancing the overall biodiversity of the area.


When to use mounding?

The application of mounding is most beneficial in areas with poor drainage, compacted soil, or where vegetation competition is high. It is a preferred ground preparation technique especially in peatland restoration and on sites with steep slopes or wet conditions. While there are other ground preparation techniques like ploughing, mounding often stands out for its effectiveness in promoting better root growth and survival rates of seedlings.

We provide further insights and comparisons through external resources and case studies to help you make an informed decision.


Our mounding process

Our professional forestry mounding service works in the following way:

Site assessment: Our process kicks off with a thorough evaluation of the site conditions, soil type, and terrain to ascertain the suitability and requirements for mounding.

Planning and permitting: We develop a bespoke mounding plan tailored to the specific needs of your site. Our team assists with obtaining the necessary permits and ensuring compliance with environmental regulations, making the process hassle-free for you.

Execution: Our execution phase is marked by precision and the use of modern equipment and techniques. Whether it's steep hillsides, soft peat bogs, or wet moorland, our skilled team is adept at working in challenging terrains, ensuring the mounding is done accurately and efficiently.

Monitoring and maintenance: Post-mounding, we engage in rigorous monitoring to ensure the success of the ground preparation. Our ongoing maintenance services are designed to ensure optimal growth conditions for the vegetation, contributing to the long-term success of your forestry project.


Additional forestry services offered

We provide comprehensive turnkey solutions from planning to monitoring, ensuring a seamless service delivery every time.  

Beyond mounding, we offer a range of forestry and land services, including:

  • Access roads and tracks construction,  
  • Enabling works
  • River and flood protection
  • Bridge contruction
  • Drainage and ditching
  • Wetland restoration
  • Peatland restoration
  • Clearfell and thinning
  • Excavation

This combination of services allows us to provide a holistic solution to your forestry and estate needs. We provide bespoke solutions that fit your project needs and budget and can tailor our services to fit with your vision and goals.  

Get in touch today or leave an online enquiry below to discover how we can assist you in your forestry mounding project. Your journey toward a successful forestry project begins here. 

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