Hydro Electric Schemes

Save Money, The Environment and Be Self-Sufficient

Hydro schemes are our speciality. MAM have completed hydro projects across Scotland and have built a long list of happy clients that are now harnessing hydropower. 

What sets us apart in the industry is our commitment to three things: 

  • Efficiency: for both you and the project itself. Efficiency in labour means quicker turnaround and fewer costs. Efficiency in our hydro scheme builds means ensuring the absolute maximum amount of power that can be generated.
  • Quality of work: as they say, if a job is worth doing, it's worth doing right. No shortcuts and no inferior materials, just hard work and high-quality work.
  • Providing the best possible service: working to your exact specifications, providing guidance when you need it and ensuring you're 100% happy with any project during and after completion.


What is a Hydro Scheme?

To put it simply, a hydropower scheme harnesses the potential of running water and converts it into energy. Placing such systems in the run of a river has the potential to completely power homes, the faster the water flows, the more potential it has, which in turn means more electricity that can be generated.

A well-built and properly placed hydro system can generate power 24 hours a day and offers a range of benefits over conventional energy suppliers, including:

An ideal option for off-grid homes

If your home is not connected to the national grid, whether this be by choice or the location of your property, a hydro system is an excellent alternative. It's a cheaper option than connecting your home to the grid and often less expensive to run than the top energy suppliers.

A cheaper supply of heating and hot water

Hydroelectric schemes often have the generating capacity greater to what you'd need for your appliances and lighting, so excess energy can then be used to heat your home and your water.

Smaller carbon footprint

Hydro schemes are a green, renewable energy source with no harmful emissions of pollutants.

We have completed a range of both small and large scale hydro schemes across Scotland. Working in areas including mountainsides in the Highlands and farmland near fast-flowing water, environments that all require unique attention to planning and approaches to construction.

In our previous projects, for hydro schemes, in particular, we know how important it is to respect the areas we are working in, which are often isolated and so full of wildlife, plant life and sensitive surroundings.

This is why our hydro team always takes into account surveying sites thoroughly and minimising disturbances for all our work. 

Get in touch with our specialist hydroelectric team to find out how we can help you with hydroelectric power. 

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