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With almost 20 years of experience, our team here at MAM has established itself as one of the most trustworthy and skilled contractors in areas such as piping and cabling installation, underground drainage services, and agricultural works.

Serving a range of different clients, we can confidently service, install, and repair all types of drainage systems across Scotland.

If you are in search of an experienced drainage contactor in Scotland, MAM is here to help. Get in touch today to enquire about our professional drainage services.

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What is the difference between a drainage contractor and a plumber?

Plumbers and specialist drain contractors are entirely different fields and differ in many important areas. Before deciding which kind of help you need, whether for domestic, commercial or industrial drainage, you should first consider who to call.

Let's explore their key differences to make sure that you choose the right professional for your specific needs:


  • Scope of work: Plumbers primarily focus on the installation, repair, and maintenance of fixtures and pipes within buildings, including sinks, toilets, showers, and water heaters. They deal with both water supply and drainage systems within residential, commercial, and industrial properties.

  • Skills and training: Plumbers undergo extensive training and certification to become proficient in diagnosing and resolving issues related to water distribution, heating, and sanitation systems. They are equipped to handle a wide range of plumbing problems, from leaky faucets to burst pipes.

Drainage contractors

  • Scope of work: Drainage contractors specialise in the installation, repair, and maintenance of drainage systems. They focus specifically on managing stormwater, wastewater, and surface runoff. They address issues related to drainage pipes, gutters, sewers, and surface water management.

  • Skills and training: Drainage contractors receive specialised training in designing, installing, and maintaining drainage systems to guarantee effective water management and prevent flooding, erosion, and property damage. They are experts in assessing drainage needs, identifying drainage problems, and implementing solutions tailored to specific site conditions.

How do they differ when it comes to services?

There are different drainage services available, and it's important to understand their differences to know the right solution for your property. Here's how they differ:

Internal vs external drainage system

Generally speaking, plumbing services deal with your internal water supply and are who you may call if you are experiencing a leak or a problem with water entering the property.

However, if you're having difficulties with your waste or sewage system, the problem might lie outside your home. For example, many issues can arise in the drainage system, the pipework underneath your property.

In this case, you will need to enlist the assistance of a drainage expert. Telltale signs of a blocked drain include your pipework emitting unpleasant smells or your water draining noticeably slowly.

To rectify blocked drains, or if your entire drainage system needs replacing, relining, or bursts, you will need to call in drainage contractors.

High-quality drainage consultants will be able to diagnose your problem and address it swiftly. Any issue with your drains should be rectified quickly to prevent further damage and potential further costs to repair.

Waste management

If you use a septic tank for your waste, this needs to be emptied regularly to maintain health and hygiene. Without regular removal, your septic tank can lose its functionality and will need to be replaced, so you must keep it up.

A plumber cannot do this job, so you will need to call specially trained drainage consultants.

Sewer pipes

Sewer pipes and any work that needs to be performed on them are best left to professional drainage experts. A plumber will only deal with issues such as toilet leaks and will rarely carry out work on the pipes themselves.

You must rectify any issues with faulty sewer pipes as soon as possible, as they can cause significant damage and present a health hazard.

MAM Contracting has years of experience in this industry sector and comes equipped with the knowledge, skills and equipment to complete proper underground drainage installations quickly and efficiently.

Why maintaining drainage health matters

Keeping the health of your underground drainage system in check is not just about preventing inconveniences like clogs and backups. It's about safeguarding the structural integrity of your property and the well-being of its occupants.

Here's why keeping it in top condition is crucial:

Preventing property damage

A blocked or malfunctioning drainage system can lead to water backups, leaks, and flooding, causing extensive damage to your property's structure. By maintaining your drainage system, you can prevent costly repairs and protect your investment.

Protecting health and hygiene

Standing water resulting from poor drainage can create breeding grounds for harmful bacteria, mould, and pests which can pose health risks to occupants. Proper drainage ensures the removal of excess water to maintain a clean and hygienic environment both indoors and outdoors.

Preventing structural damage

Excess moisture due to poor drainage can weaken the structural integrity of buildings, which can lead to issues such as foundation settlement, wall cracks, and structural instability. By managing drainage effectively, you can mitigate the risk of structural damage and ensure the long-term stability of your property.

Compliance with regulations

Adequate drainage is often a legal requirement, with regulations in place to ensure the safe and responsible management of stormwater and wastewater. By maintaining your drainage system in accordance with regulatory standards, you can avoid fines, penalties, and legal liabilities.

Drainage specialist in Glasgow

Reliable drainage solutions and maintenance

A reliable drainage expert will rectify these issues and help prevent them from happening in the first place. We offer innovative drainage solutions by comprehensively evaluating your drainage health using the latest technology.

Prevention is better than cure when it comes to your underground drainage system. Faulty pipes can do a lot of expensive damage in a very short space of time.

Regular checks on the health of your system will give you the peace of mind that everything is working as it should while performing minor fixes that can address potential issues there and then. Don't wait until the damage has been done before calling on our team of drainage installation specialists and consultants.

Our team offers CCTV drain surveys. We use specially designed cameras, which we insert into your drains to diagnose any drainage issues. This then allows us to undertake any drain unblocking, repair or cleaning necessary efficiently. 

We are also equipped to analyse your drainage health, which lets us foresee any future problems and provide solutions to prevent those issues from occurring, saving you time, inconvenience and hefty repair costs.

Underground drainage installation by drainage specialists

Our experienced drainage contractors are specially trained to install residential and commercial systems, including underground drainage systems.

Whether replacing existing drains or installing an entirely new system, we use the latest technology to excavate and install your pipework.

We offer a comprehensive number of drainage installation services, including drainage mapping, which helps us attach your new system to your existing one with minimal disruption. Where possible, we will always avoid digging up your drainage pipes.

Improve your drainage health with MAM

Whether a new-build project, renovation or something different entirely, call our drainage experts today to discuss your situation, and we will be happy to help. We look forward to hearing from you.

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