Mini Digger Hire with MAM Contracting

Mini Digger Hire with MAM Contracting

If you’re interested in making home improvements that require extensive digging, drilling or excavating, hiring a mini digger could save you a lot of time and hassle.  

In addition, when you hire a mini excavator or digger rather than buying one, you don’t have to worry about long-term investment or high upfront costs. Hiring a digger in Scotland is affordable, cost-effective and will allow you to complete your desired construction work quickly, effectively and to a high standard.  

MAM Contracting in Perth offers excellent value plant hire on a wide range of quality diggers, plant machinery and tools. Whatever type of job you are working on we are confident that we can supply the right type of plant or digger for you.  

Read through this short article to find out more about mini digger hire or to enquire further about our mini digger hire service in Perth, give us a call directly on 01764 654703.  

What can mini diggers be used for? 

Unlike large excavators or forklifts, mini excavators are much easier to handle and you do not need extensive experience of qualifications to drive one.  

With that being said, there is of course a limit to what mini diggers and excavators can do. Primarily, mini diggers are used for small-scale construction work that is done in or around the home, on a driveway or on the roadside for government or commercial projects.  

Some of the most popular typed of jobs that a mini digger is used for include: 

  • Landscaping – preparing the land to make changes to your garden or walkways 

  • Home renovation projects  

  • Digging trenches for house foundations 

  • Working on your driveway, including expansion and tearing up driveways to lay down a new one 

  • Digging additional garden space for a new outhouse, shed or greenhouse 

  • Clearing out small spaces to be laid with cement 

Hiring a mini digger for any type of home renovation or personal landscaping project is a great idea. It will make your DIY project far more manageable and will ensure it is completed to a high standard.  

Remember that without the right tools for the job, you’ll never achieve your desired results. Hire a mini digger from MAM today and get your project off to the best possible start.  

why use a mini digger?

Types of mini diggers that are available for hire 

Plant machinery can be a complicated field, especially for non-professionals who are only looking to hire a mini digger for a personal construction project.  

When it comes to mini diggers, there are a few variations and types to choose from: 


Perfect for gaining access to smaller spaces such as doorways, tight alleyways or gates, micro-diggers can be extremely useful to have on site, particularly if you’re working in small confines.  

Micro-diggers also boast the same digger power as most mini diggers, meaning you won’t have any issues excavating land or breaking concrete as long as you use the correct attachments and buckets for the job. 



Mini diggers and excavators are small, lighter and far more manageable than large 5+ tonne excavators, and whilst they don’t have the same lifting capacity, you’d be surprised at what these little plants can handle.  

Mini diggers are ideal for hiring as transportation and delivery are quick and easy. Mini diggers also offer high power for a low price. You will easily be able to handle any type of home renovation project, landscaping work or trench digging on small sites or private property.   



The slightly larger midi-digger provides digging and lifting capabilities similar to large-sized excavators but without the extra weight, bulk and size. Whilst larger than mini diggers, midi-diggers are still well sized to make it suitable for transportation and for smaller sized sites.  

Overall, however, midi diggers are best suited for construction work on buildings, roads, utilities and bridges. If you’re looking for a home renovation digger, you are better off sticking with the mini or micro-sized diggers.  


How to choose the right type of mini digger to hire? 

A big part of making sure you get the right type of digger for the job is assessing your needs before making any final decisions. Consider the size of site you’re working on, the amount of lifting power you will need and, of course, your own personal budget 

You should also find out about the type of compatible attachments that are available with your digger of choice. Bucket and drill attachments will be key in completing your project successfully, so don’t forget to enquire about these early on.  

As construction experts, the team at MAM will be more than happy to offer our free, no-obligation advice on mini digger hire in Scotland. Give us a call on 01764 654703 to find out more about digger and plant machinery hire.  

mini digger hire prices


How much does it cost to hire a mini digger in Scotland? 

The overall cost of hiring a mini digger will differ based on your supplier, the type of digger you hire, the brand of digger and its age.  

In Scotland, you can expect to pay between £160 – £300 per day to hire a mini digger. Remember that you will also incur extra charges for transportation, delivery and VAT.  

Mini digger hire at MAM is very competitively priced. If you’re looking for quality diggers at a fair price, then get in touch today and we will give you a personalised quote for mini digger hire Perth. 


Do I need a license to hire a mini digger? 

Wondering if you can operate a mini digger by yourself?  

The good news is yes, you can hire, drive and operate a mini digger without a formal license or operating ticket; however, this only applies when the digger is being used on private worksites. If you plan to work on the roadside, in public spaces or even drive the digger on public roads, you will need to be in possession of a standard UK driving license. 

mini digger hire in perth team


Mini digger hire in Perth 

If you have a personal project or on-going home renovation work that requires the use of a mini-digger, get in touch with MAM Contracting today. 

We offer excellent rates on mini digger hire in Scotland. We can deliver our mini-diggers directly to your site and, if needed, will perform a full walk through and demonstration to ensure you feel comfortable driving and operating our vehicles. We’ll also provide attachments and extra tools as required to ensure your job can be completed in-full, without needing to use another plant hire company. 

In addition, customers can request a driver to operate the digger on their behalf. Whilst this isn’t legally required for mini diggers, many customers prefer this choice as it makes them feel safer and less stressed. The decision should be based on your own level of skill and confidence in driving and operating the mini digger that you’ve hired.  

Give us a call today to talk through your mini digger hire options: 01764 654703 

You can also email us: 

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