Excavators Hire Scotland

Excavators Hire Scotland


Excavators are extremely useful machines that can make your construction project a whole lot easier. Whether you’re in need of extra machinery to complete a large-scale client project or looking to do some at-home DIY construction, hiring an excavator is an essential step in completing the job to the highest possible standard.  

However, hiring an excavator can feel overwhelming, especially if you’ve never gone through the process before. As construction experts, we understand all the ins and outs of excavator hire and have therefore put together this helpful guide on finding and sourcing the right excavator for your project.  

Below we’ve included useful information on how to prepare for excavator hire and listed the most important steps to successfully hiring an excavator in Scotland.  



Important questions to consider before hiring an excavator  

The more information you can give to your excavator hire company, the better. So, before you even reach out to the hire company, make sure you ask (and answer) some important questions about your project to ensure you end up with the right excavator for you.  

Some initial questions to consider are: 

  • What is the scope and type of work the excavator will be doing? 

  • What is the length, width and depth of your excavating project?  

  • How much space is available at the proposed excavation site? 

  • Are there any limitations on height or width?  

  • Do I need an operator for the excavator?  

  • Will one excavator be enough for the job at hand? 


Excavators Scotland


5 steps to excavators hire 

The above questions will get you off to a great start when searching for the right excavator for your project, but there are still some important steps to follow to ensure your excavator hire is delivered on time, on budget and meets your requirements.  

If you’re wondering how to hire an excavator, then read the steps below to get informed. 


Step 1: Consider the location 

The location of your project is the first and arguably the most important aspect to consider when hiring an excavator. Not only will the location impact on the type of excavator that you need, but it will also affect the price, delivery time and potentially the project timeline.  

It makes sense to work with an excavator hire company that is relatively close to your project location. Most companies will be willing to deliver far and wide when you hire their machinery but this comes at an increased price and opens up the possibility for delays and other types of transport and logistical issues.  

In order to save money and ensure a quick, on-time delivery, search for companies within or close to your project location. For example, if you’re completing a groundworks project in Perthshire, it makes sense to choose an excavator hire company in Perth rather than somewhere down south. You’d be surprised at how much of a difference this can make to your overall project. 


Step 2: Choose the right type of excavator for the job 

Whether you hire a mini excavator or a large 16 tonne 360 excavator will depend on the type of work you plan to do.  

When trying to decide on the ideal excavator for your project, consider: 

  • The length, depth, and width of the excavating project (a general estimate will suffice) 

  • How deep or shallow does the expanse need to be? 

  • How much heavy lifting will the excavator need to do? 

  • Is this the only excavator on site? 

In general, if you can get one excavator that will fit the full scope of work you plan to carry out, you’ll save on money and effort. We've witnessed many instances of clients opting for cheaper, smaller options only to discover that they need deeper digs or heavier lifts further into the project.  

Save time and money by thinking ahead and ensuring you hire an excavator that will handle every aspect of your construction work.  


Excavators hire in perth scotland


Step 3: Length of project 

Every excavator hire company will want to know exactly how long you need their machinery for. Therefore, it’s essential to have this information ready when you start enquiring.  

Ask yourself: 

  • How long do I need the excavator for (months, weeks, days) 

  • What is the start date of the project? 

  • What is the proposed end date? 

  • Is the project continuous or will there be a break during the work? 

By providing the hiring company with this info you’ll get a better response in terms of what they have available. Then you can decide if their available excavators work for you or if you need to look elsewhere. 

Remember to ask about the option of extending the excavator hire period right from the get go. That way, should the project run over time, you’ll know exactly when and how to inform your excavator hire company that you need to extend the hire period, ensuring you’re not left without an excavator whilst the project carries on.


Step 4: Consider attachments 

Excavators have a wide range of available attachments to make them more suitable for different types of construction work. With everything from mud buckets to drum cutters available, it’s essential that you carefully consider the attachments you need before hiring an excavator.  

Ultimately, choosing the right attachment for your project will help to ensure the job is finished accurately and efficiently.  

For example, certain projects require may require large amounts of dirt displacement work whereas others may focus more on digging and drilling. Having an attachment that fits the scope of work will make your life a whole lot easier. 

If you’re unsure about the attachments you need for your project, or if you’d like more information on the available attachments offered at MAM, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01764 654703, or email us at mam@mamcontracting.co.uk.  


Step 5: Provide as much relevant information as possible 

The final step is less about one point and more about ensuring you have given as much relevant information as possible to your excavator hire company. Not only will this ensure you receive a more accurate quote but it will also help make sure you end up with the right machine for the job.   

Extra points to consider here include: 

  • Detailed description of the work that you plan to carry out, including what needs to be moved, excavated, lifted and any other requirements you can think of 

  • What other equipment will be on site 

  • What will be the main purpose of the excavator 

  • The depth you plan to dig to 

  • How large is the area that is being worked on 

You’ll also want to make sure you provide the hire company with information about yourself, including: 

  • Are you hiring for a personal project or for a client project  

  • Your contact information  

  • Your budget  

  • Your location 

  • Your excavating experience  

If you hand over as much information as possible and follow all of the above steps, you’ll put yourself in a great position for hiring an excavator that fits exactly with the work you have planned.  

Remember, if you have any concerns or are unsure on any points, you can always speak to the construction experts for free, no-obligation advice. 


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Excavators for hire at MAM 

At MAM Contracting, we stock and provide a wide range of high-quality excavators and plants that can suit any type of project, large or small.  

Our available stock includes: 

  • Mini excavators 

  • 5 tonne 360-degree tracked excavators 

  • 7 tonne 360-degree tracked excavators 

  • 13 tonne 360-degree tracked excavators 

  • 16 tonne 360-degree tracked excavators 

  • 20 tonne 360-degree tracked excavators 

  • Plus more! 

If you are eager to source a reliable, modern excavator at a great price, then contact MAM today. We’ll be more than happy to listen to your requirements, offer our no-obligation advice and work with you to provide the best excavator hire for your construction project.  

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