What You Need to Know Before Hiring a Drainage Company

What You Need to Know Before Hiring a Drainage Company

Water issues and drainage problems can be extremely troublesome but unfortunately they are all too common. Most UK homeowners will experience some type of issue with their drainage system at one point or another.

For this reason, it's important to be prepared and understand how to deal with drainage issues when they eventually come your way.

Many people tend to automatically call a plumber whenever they experience some type of water or drainage issue in their home. However, a plumber isn't always the best person for the job.

It can be more beneficial for your wallet and for your drainage system if you instead contact a specialist drainage company, such as M.A.M.

Should I choose a drainage company or a plumbing service?

Deciding whether you should choose plumbing services or drainage contractors to fix your water issue depends on the exact nature of the problem.

The following issues fall under the remit of a drainage company:

  • Issues with a blocked drain
  • Replacing, fixing or relining your drainage system
  • Emptying septic tanks
  • Fixing broken pipes (particularly sewer pipers)
  • Health and safety checks on your water supply and drainage systems

Any issue that relates to waste management and the external pipes that run underneath your house should be handled by a drainage company. Smaller, internal fixes should be dealt with by a plumber.

The types of issues that you should contact a plumber for are:

  • A small leak with a tap, internal pipe or shower
  • Water not entering the property properly, i.e. a tap not working or a toilet not flushing
  • Fixing an issue with a sink basin or toilet bowl

How a drain specialist can help

Hiring a drainage company can be a smart idea for many different reasons.

When choosing to hire an experienced drainage contractor such as M.A.M, you can be guaranteed a quick fix with minimal disruption caused to your home or living space.

Drainage contractors tend to specialise in the areas outlined in more detail below. 

Waste management

Disposing of your waste properly is not something many of us take time to consider in modern-day homes or businesses.

However, without proper waste disposal, we leave ourselves vulnerable to disease, infection and compromised water supplies.

For those of us who use septic tanks, it's essential to properly dispose of the tank water and clean out the tank regularly in order to maintain the proper standard of hygiene and health.

A drainage specialist can safely empty our your septic tank and clean it thoroughly to ensure it continues to work properly. This process will also make sure that your home or business is meeting the health and safety standards needed to maintain a clean waste disposal system.

Sewer pipe work

The external pipes that run beneath our homes, supplying clean water and flushing away waste, are essential for a properly functioning water and drainage system.

If one of these pipes becomes blocked or damaged, your drainage and water supply can be impacted as a result.

Drainage contractors are the go-to people if any such issue should occur,

The drainage specialists at MAM are super efficient at removing blockages and fixing any holes or breakages found within the sewer pipe system. Our experts will work to solve the problem quickly and effectively, ensuring your home doesn't suffer from any long-term water or drainage issues for any significant length of time.

Drain clearage

If water around your sink or shower is draining slowly (or not at all), it's highly likely that your drains are blocked and in need of a clearage. This blockage could have happened externally, in the pipes underneath your property, or internally, within the pipes that exist within the property itself.

As an experienced drainage company, the team at MAM will perform routine checks to determine where the problem lies and get to work fixing it.

We can deal with the blockage whether it's internal or external and ensure that all pipes are running clean to prevent future blockages from happening.

A blocked drain can be a troublesome issue but with the help of MAM's drainage specialists your drainage system will be running seamlessly again in no time.

Drainage evaluation & maintenance

Even if there is no clear and obvious problem with your drainage system, it can still be worthwhile having a drain company perform a routine maintenance check in and around your property.

These checks can help prevent small issues from turning into something serious. Perhaps there may be some wear and tear around your pipes that could eventually lead to a broken or burst pipe, or maybe there are signs of rats within your drainage system.

M.A.M's robust service and checks will ensure all potential problems are spotted early, preventing unexpected costly repairs from occurring in the future.

Our drainage experts can provide CCTV drain surveys, where we insert specially designed cameras into your drains to diagnose and spot any potential drainage issues.

We will then solve the problem quickly and efficiently, whether it's a blocked drain, a small repair or some routine cleaning to ensure your drainage system is working and flowing as it should be.

a drainage company can solve your drainage problem

How to recognise a drainage problem?

There are a few tell-tale signs that indicate you require the help of a drainage contractor.

If your waste is not disposing correctly or you feel there is a blockage in your pipes or water system, it is likely that you will need to contact a drainage specialist for assistance.

Some clear signs that signal that there is a problem with the external pipes running beneath your property are:

  • Pipework emitting unpleasant smells

  • Water draining noticeably slowly (especially in your shower/bath)

  • A sink hole appearing in your garden. This indicates a broken or collapsed pipe under the ground

  • Water coming out dirty or discoloured

It's important to contact a drainage company immediately if you feel there is an issue with your drainage system. If left unattended, the problem could quickly worsen and cost you far more time and money in the long run.

Drainage specialists you can trust

Now that you know the signs of a faulty drainage system, it's a good idea to have a trusted drainage specialist on hand should anything unexpectedly go wrong.

M.A.M Contracting are expert drainage contractors who can repair, maintain and even install a drainage system for your domestic, commercial or industrial property.

To have your drainage system assessed or repaired by drainage specialists, contact M.A.M Contracting today for a reliable and honest drainage fix.

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