NcNean Distillery

NcNean Distillery

Work was undertaken to construct both a new Warehouse and Bottling Building for the ever-growing NcNean Distillery on Drimnin Estate near Oban.

We first implemented our Groundworks Expertise by reducing the ground by 1.5m for the Warehouse and removing rock for the Bottling building foundations, concrete strip founds were poured and bolt boxes laid in place. The buildings consisted of steel frame and metal cladding with a power float floor to the Bottling building.

We created concrete strip walkways and an aggregate floor to the warehouse building. A new entrance was constructed to both the warehouse and bottling buildings with a septic tank where a soakaway was installed to remove any contaminants from the waste-water and the rainwater was diverted to the natural runoff ditches. The works were carried ot to a timescale requested by the client and the building will enhance the production facility at the distillery.

Check out the work we carried out:



groundworks construction     laying new groundworks


   Groundworks construction at Oban     work carried out by MAM at Oban distillery    

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