Read This Before Choosing a Plant Hire Company

Read This Before Choosing a Plant Hire Company

Are you looking for a reliable plant hire company in the UK? Fed up of using faulty equipment that won’t handle the job you’ve been contracted to do? 

We understand your frustration! As a long-standing construction company based in Scotland, we know just how essential the right equipment is to complete a job.  No matter the level of experience or knowledge of your team, without high-grade machinery, tools and plants, a construction job will never be completed to the highest standard possible.  

To help those companies and contractors that are in need of plant hire but unsure where to look or how to choose, M.A.M has created this short guide on choosing the best plant hire company for your construction needs.   

How to choose a plant hire company  

Plant hire can be an expensive process so it’s important to get it right. You don’t want to commit to a plant hire company only to find out they don’t have everything you need, or they can’t deliver to your site.  

By doing some research and following the simple steps below, you’ll ensure you choose the right plant hire company for you and end up with the most appropriate and effective machinery to complete the job at hand.  


Step 1: Consider the location of the plant hire company 

This may seem obvious, but the location of the plant hire company you choose should inform your final decision.  

It’s not uncommon for plant hire companies to deliver their machinery across the country, however, if you do end up partnering with a plant hire company that is 100 miles away from your site, this could potentially lead to higher costs and longer wait times. In addition, if anything goes wrong and you need machinery to be replaced, or if you need additional tools or plants sent out to your site mid-project, the long wait for delivery may end up impacting your project timeline.  

For example, choosing a plant hire company in Perth, Scotland makes sense if you’re working within the greater Perthshire region. Choosing a plant hire company based in London if your project is based in Scotland, does not make sense. 


Step 2: Consider quality of plant equipment 

While price is, of course, an important point to consider when hiring a plant, it shouldn’t outweigh quality of equipment.  

We’ve seen many examples of companies going for lower-grade, cheaper plants and machinery to save costs only to experience issues down the line. Any forced stoppages within a project will end up costing you more in the long run. In addition, older, outdated equipment and plant machinery tend to have higher costs for fuel, maintenance and potential repairs, which will all add up over time.  

Save yourself the hassle and make sure you hire modern, up-to-date, high-quality plants and machinery from a construction company that you can trust.  


Step 3: Availability of plant equipment  

Matching the equipment that you need with the job at hand is a vital step in choosing the right plant hire company. It’s highly recommended to speak with the plant hire company about their availability of stock and check (and then double check!) that they have the plant that you need available for the dates that you need them on.  

This should always be done over the phone or in person, as there is no telling whether the stock that is being advertised online will be available when you need it. Make sure to do this early on in the process so as not to waste precious time. It will save you a lot of hassle (and money) in the long-run if you can source all your plant machinery from one company, so make sure the one you choose has the stock that you require! 

If the plant hire company you’ve selected can guarantee they’ll have the plant and machinery that you need for your required dates, then don’t hesitate to book them in advance (as long as the previous steps have also been considered). This will help give you the assurance you need to move your construction project forward.  


Step 4: Keep your horizons open  

Having second (and third) options when it comes to choosing a plant hire company is always a smart move. You never know what stock might suddenly become unavailable, what issues may arise and what might change in between choosing a plant hire and actually getting the hired equipment to your site.  

Having more than one plant hire company on your list could also help keep costs low as you can quickly compare prices, travel costs and other important elements to ensure you end up with the plant hire company that’s best for you and your project.  

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Our range of plants for hire  

At M.A.M, we have a wide range of high-quality plants and machinery available for hire. From our base in Perth, Scotland, we can deliver high-grade plants to sites and locations across the country at the time and date that you need.  


Our current plant hire fleet consists of: 

  • Mini excavators 

  • 5 tonne 360-degree tracked excavators 

  • 7 tonne 360-degree tracked excavators 

  • 13 tonne 360-degree tracked excavators 

  • 16 tonne 360-degree tracked excavators 

  • 20 tonne 360-degree tracked excavators 

  • 13-tonne rubber duck 

  • Crushing bucket / screening bucket 

  • Tractors with various dump trailers 

  • Dumpers wheeled and tracked 

To speak to us further about our plant hire services or for bespoke advice on how to choose the best plant for your project, get in touch with our friendly team today.  

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