Groundwork for Tummel Place, Dundee.

Groundwork for Tummel Place, Dundee

In partnership with Galliford Try, a well-known construction group committed to making neighbourhoods better, M.A.M Contracting undertook a vital project to enhance Tummel Place in Dundee. This case study shares the project's goals, challenges, and benefits brought by M.A.M Contracting's hard work, highlighting our dedication to delivering first-class groundwork solutions and infrastructure that improve the lives of Tummel Place residents.

Project Objectives

The Tummel Place, Dundee project was initiated with the primary objective of implementing comprehensive environmental and drainage improvements. Galliford subcontracted M.A.M Contracting, who executed these improvements efficiently and effectively. Our shared mission was to elevate the quality of life for the residents and workers in the Tummel Place location, making it a better place to live and work.

Challenges Faced

The challenges faced by the project were minimal. The work demanded the installation of new drainage channels and soakways, resurfacing of footways, repositioning of the main staircase, installation of a new access ramp, and the creation of new back garden areas for each property. These environmental improvements were essential for Tummel Place but required thorough planning, technical expertise, and precise execution to ensure the successful transformation of the area.

M.A.M Contracting's Role

M.A.M Contracting took on the responsibility of executing the Environmental Improvement Works. Our team approached the project with dedication, professionalism, and precision. The tasks we undertook included:

  • Drainage Improvements: We installed new drainage channels and soakways, ensuring efficient water management and minimizing flooding risks.
  • Footway Resurfacing: We fixed the entering footways, enhancing the accessibility and aesthetics of the area.
  • Main Staircase Relocation: A crucial aspect of the project was the repositioning of the main staircase to improve access and functionality.
  • Access Ramp Installation: We installed a new access ramp to promote walking and easy mobility for all residents and visitors.
  • Back Garden Creation: We created new back garden areas for each property, enhancing the outdoor living spaces for the community.

Project Benefits

The completion of the Tummel Place, Dundee Environmental Improvement Project by M.A.M Contracting brought about numerous benefits to the area:

  • Enhanced Quality of Life: The project improved the living and working conditions in Tummel Place, making it a more comfortable and attractive place for the community.
  • Improved Accessibility: The installation of new access ramps and repositioning of the main staircase ensured that the area was accessible to all, regardless of physical abilities.
  • Effective Drainage: The new drainage systems mitigate the risk of flooding, safeguarding the properties in the area.
  • Aesthetic Enhancement: The footway resurfacing, and the creation of back garden areas added to the visual appeal of Tummel Place.
  • Community Well-being: The overall transformation of the area fosters a sense of well-being and community spirit among the residents.


The Tummel Place, Dundee Environmental Improvement Project, undertaken, stands as a testament to M.A.M Contracting's commitment to delivering exceptional groundwork solutions and infrastructure. We are proud to have played an important role in carrying out the successful execution of this project, which has had a beneficial and lasting impact on the quality of life for those living and working in Tummel Place. This project aligned with our dedication to improving built environments and effecting positive change within communities.


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