Groundworks Construction: A Deep Dive into MAM Contracting’s Expertise and Services

Groundworks Construction: A Deep Dive into MAM Contracting’s Expertise and Services

Every construction project demands a solid foundation of excellence. At the core of this crucial first stage lies the expertise of a reliable groundworks contractor.

With the vast landscape of options in Scotland, MAM Contracting stands as an expert in the field of groundworks construction.

In this blog, we’ll delve deep into the world of groundworks construction, exploring the precision, innovation, and client success stories that define our exceptional construction services.

Discover why choosing us is not just a decision; it's the assurance of a solid foundation for your project's success. 

Understanding groundworks construction: Laying the foundation for success 

Groundworks play a pivotal role in every building or piece of architecture. It shapes the terrain and lays the groundwork for a solid and safe structure. Its importance cannot be understated.

At its core, groundworks encompasses a suite of preliminary activities that set the stage for a construction project's success.

Read below to explore the essential components of groundworks construction: 

  • Ground investigation: At the heart of every successful project is a thorough ground investigation. This initial step involves assessing soil conditions, stability, and other geological factors to inform subsequent decisions. This process ensures that the foundations are anchored in a solid understanding of the underlying terrain. 
  • Site clearance: Before foundations can take place, the canvas must be cleared. Site clearance involves the removal of debris, vegetation, and any obstacles that could impede construction. 
  • Installation of footings and foundations: Footings and foundations are the backbone of any structure. It provides the support that structures rely on. This phase involves excavating the ground, forming footings, and laying foundations to distribute the weight of the building evenly.
  • Provisions for drainage:Effective drainage is critical to prevent water accumulation, which can compromise the stability of structures. Groundworks include the installation of drainage systems such as pipes and channels, directing water away from the construction site to prevent issues like flooding or erosion. 
  • Installation of utilities: Modern life thrives on utilities – water, gas, electricity, and telecommunications. Groundworks construction manages the installation of these lifelines, embedding the infrastructure that brings comfort, connectivity, and functionality to every corner of a building. 
  • Landscaping: Beyond the functional aspects, groundworks also contribute to the aesthetic and structural integrity of the site. Landscaping elements, such as retaining walls and surface reinforcements, are incorporated to enhance the overall appearance and stability of the construction site. 

Groundworks construction work in Scotland

Unveiling excellence: MAM Contracting’s groundworks mastery 

As the plans for your building take shape, you will need an experienced groundworks contractor to assist you in certain areas.

This is where our comprehensive range of groundworks services comes into play, designed to elevate your projects to new heights.

We offer the following: 

New build groundworks 

Embarking on a new construction journey demands a solid foundation. Our new build groundworks service seamlessly integrates site preparation, foundations, drainage, and landscaping to ensure a robust groundwork solution that aligns with the vision of your project. 

Civil engineering and groundworks 

The synergy of civil engineering and groundworks is where we excel. Melding technical expertise with a commitment to excellence, this service encompasses a plethora of projects, including foundation construction, roadworks, drainage solutions, and footpath services.

Earthworks support 

Shaping the terrain to meet project requirements requires a delicate touch. Our services in this domain include sheet piling and basement construction, even in the most challenging ground and water conditions to ensure the stability and safety of the construction site. 


Our service covers a range of piling types, including CFA, displacement, contiguous, secant, mini-piling, and underpinning. Through innovative piling techniques, we fortify foundations that ensure the structural integrity of buildings regardless of the underlying soil conditions. 


Whether it's strip, raft, or piled foundations, our expertise shines through in the precision and durability of our work. By implementing modern plant and technologies, every foundation we build guarantees stability and longevity. 


Efficient drainage is the unsung hero of construction. From adaptable and private to pumped or attenuation drainage systems, our drainage solutions go beyond mere water management; they integrate seamlessly with the overall project to prevent water-related issues and enhance the longevity of the structure. 


Our commitment extends beyond the visible to the infrastructure that breathes life into developments. We collaborate with various highway agencies and service companies to provide infrastructure services designed to meet the standards of the industry.

Our comprehensive approach aims to deliver an optimum solution before construction begins, ensuring cost-effectiveness and quality. 

External works 

The external facade of any project demands a careful blend of aesthetics and functionality. We excel in crafting landscapes, hardscapes, and intricate features that transform the surroundings into an inviting, cohesive space. 

Sewage treatment services 

We provide various sewage treatment services, including the supply, installation, and servicing of various types of sewage treatment systems. Our solutions incorporate advanced sewage treatment systems to ensure compliance, efficiency, and environmental responsibility. 

Sewage and drainage work

MAM Contracting's skilled workforce 

In the world of groundworks construction, success is not only measured by the tools and machinery used but by the prowess of the skilled hands that wield them.

At MAM Contracting, we take pride in our workforce – a team of professionals meticulously trained and equipped to navigate the intricate landscape of construction. 

Highly qualified with diverse skill set 

Our workforce comprises highly qualified individuals – from civil engineering contractors, project managers, and structural engineering experts – each bringing a diverse skill set to the construction site.

From seasoned professionals to emerging talents, our team forms a collective of skills that ensures every project benefits from a comprehensive understanding of the groundworks discipline.

We truly believe this sets us apart from other groundworks contractors in Scotland. 

Registered member of CITB Construction Skills 

Membership with CITB Construction Skills signifies our commitment to nurturing industry excellence. As a registered member, we actively participate in skill development initiatives within the construction sector.

Our affiliation makes sure that our team remains at the forefront of industry best practices, consistently evolving to meet the demands of an ever-changing construction landscape

Up-to-date methods and trainings 

Adaptability is key, especially in a dynamic industry like construction. Our workforce stays abreast of the latest industry advancements through continuous training. We invest in our team, ensuring they are well-versed in up-to-date methods, technologies, and safety protocols.

This commitment translates into construction practices that not only meet but exceed contemporary standards. 

Groundworks construction

Navigating challenges: Our approach to groundworks complexity 

Embarking on groundworks projects demands more than technical expertise; it requires an experienced groundwork contractor who can adeptly navigate the challenges present in construction.

We stand in the face of adversity by addressing complex issues head-on with a commitment to excellence. 

Skill shortage 

The construction landscape often grapples with a shortage of skilled professionals. We tackle this challenge by investing in our workforce.

Through comprehensive training and professional development initiatives, we not only bridge the skills gap but also contribute to cultivating the next generation of skilled groundworks experts

Environmental concerns 

In an era of heightened environmental awareness, we recognise the importance of sustainable practices. Our commitment to environmental care goes beyond compliance; it's ingrained in our ethos.

From efficient resource management to eco-friendly construction methods, we strive to minimise our ecological footprint to guarantee that our projects align with a greener, more sustainable future. 

Health and safety issues 

The safety of our team and stakeholders is paramount. We create secure working environments through rigorous training, regular safety audits, and a steadfast commitment to industry best practices.

This approach not only safeguards the well-being of our team but also contributes to the overall success of each project. 

safe construction work being carried out

Project highlights: MAM Contracting’s success stories 

To gain a deeper insight into our unparalleled expertise in groundworks construction, we’ll take a look into a project that exemplifies our proficiency in transforming visions into realities.


MAM Contracting, in partnership with Galliford Try, undertook a comprehensive groundworks project to enhance the quality of life at The Tummel Place in Dundee. 

MAM's groundworks project in Dundee

Scope of work:

The primary objective of this project was to implement comprehensive environmental and drainage improvements. Here are the tasks we undertook: 

  • Drainage improvements 
  • Footway resurfacing 
  • Main staircase relocation 
  • Access ramp installation 
  • Back garden creation 

The result: 

After the completion of The Tummel Place, our services brought numerous benefits to the area, including: 

  • Enhanced quality of life 
  • Improved accessibility 
  • Effective drainage 
  • Aesthetic enhancement 
  • Community well-being 

Please feel free to view other past projects of ours via the Projects section.

Build a solid foundation for your next project 

Choose MAM Contracting for your groundworks construction needs, and experience a partnership built on expertise, innovation, and a legacy of exceeding expectations.

Contact us today to initiate your journey toward a successful construction project and ensure a solid foundation for future success.

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